Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dive Log

Location: K41
Date: 23rd April 2007
Time: 10am
Duration: 31minutes.
Tides: Low 0916 1.2metres. High 1703 2.0metres.
Weather: Sunny, some cloud. Light breeze.
Sea: Slight chop, otherwise calm.
Visibility: 15metres +/-
Divers: Three. Self/Vanessa/Zach.

We entered the water at the usual location, just in front of the shade tree, and descended onto the sand/rocks about 10metres west of the wall. Good visibility for the time of year considering the rain we had the previous day. In the first minute we found a nice little leaf scorpionfish swaying in the current at about 10metres. Carried on along the wall until we came to the ‘manger scene’ at about 18metres with lots of fish along the way. From the ‘manger’ we swam down about 15degrees east of north until we came to a sequence of small caves and overhangs where you can more often than not find a female white-tip reefy sheltering in the first cave. She wasn’t there! We carried on around the outcrop until we came to the small cave at 20metres and there she was, having a doze. After checking her out for a couple of minutes we came up and over the ridge to be hit by a very strong current which was trying to push us further east and up! We fought the current for about 5 minutes but eventually decided to abort the dive as it wasn’t fun anymore. The three of us surfaced together and then spent about 20minutes swimming back to the shore. It was a pity about the strong current as it had the potential to be a very good dive with lots of fish and good vis.

Leaf scorpionfish (Taenianotus triacanthus)

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