Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dive Log

Location: K41
Date: 29th April 2007
Time in: 1030
Duration: 80 mins
Tides: High 1147 2metres – Low 1827 0.7metres
Max Depth: 30.5 metres
Weather: Sunny
Sea: Flat calm
Visibility: 20metres +/-
Divers: Two – self/Aki

We started the dive at the beginning of the wall. Fantastic vis and no current. We headed east along the wall and found one leaf scorpionfish, 3 Nembrotha lineolata nudibranchs and lots of fish!
Carried on down to the overhang at 25metres to look for sharks. Found one whitetip reef shark in a small cave then looked up and saw a large Napoleon wrasse shadowing us. Carried on along east and just hung out with all the fish. At 100bar we turned around and came back at around 12metres all the way. Absolutely wonderful. Lots of sunlight, lots of fish and no current. At the end of the dive found another Nudibranch (unidentified) that I’ll try to ID later. Thanks Aki, a great dive.

Nembrotha lineolata - K41

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